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Introduction – President’s Message

Since the creation of Vinge & Associates, we have always been guided by the underlying principle that the persons in care always come first. Working closely with all stakeholders, this plan articulates what is important for everyone who is part of Vinge.

The below comprehensive strategic plan is the first of its kind for Vinge, and it perfectly represents the direction of the company. These strategic objectives will provide guidance and accountability. Reviewed annually, the plan is a commitment to all families, persons in care and staff, that we always want to keep moving forward. Guided by the Quality of Life 8 Domains Framework, the Strategic Plan will assure that we meet our CLBC contract deliverables.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the development of the strategic plan. During a six-month process, it was fantastic to see and hear everyone working together. Tears were shed, and voices were raised, but opinions were always respected. It was truly moving to see the positive impact that Vinge has had and continues to have on all stakeholders.

Concluding in a 60-person event, under the theme of “what is important to me?” it was a celebration of everyone’s hard work, and a perfect end to a year where we have already achieved so much.

In closing, the Strategic Plan fairly reflects the current challenges we face and accurately outlines the approach we must take in order to ensure progression and that we continue to meet all stakeholders’ expectations.

I am looking forward to the next three years to see the development and progression of Vinge for everyone.

Augustus Kops

2019 - 2022 Vinge Strategic Plan