416-4538 Kingsway. Burnaby, B.C. V5H 4T9

Guiding Principles

The Mission and Vision of Bernard C. Vinge & Associates (HCS) Ltd. is to establish a leadership role in the provision of health care services, community living programs and specialized behavioural supports in British Columbia.

We will be guided by the following principles:

  1. The personal choices and dignity of the individual will be respected;
  2. The rights of individuals we support to have safe and comprehensive heolth and/or behavioural supports will be ensured;
  3. Privacy and confidentiality will be protected;
  4. Each supported individual’s human rights and freedom from abuse, neglect and exploitation will be honoured;
  5. People from varying cultures or spiritual backgrounds will be provided with quality supports in a way that demonstrates sensitivity and respect;
  6. A milieu of effective communication and support among staff, supported individuals and their families and/or advocates, will be promoted.

The services we provide shall be:

  • coordinated with other appropriate community resources
  • responsive to community needs
  • subject to ongoing evaluation and scrutiny

We are committed to the evolution of community-based services that are individual and family centred.

We believe in accountability to the community in which we offer services, the families of that community and the Government Agencies, to ensure quality care that is cost effective and of the highest professional standard.