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Person in Care and Family Centred Community Living Services

Vinge & Associates has built a solid reputation in providing health and community services that are person centered since 1991.

Vinge Services

Vinge & Associates provides a variety of services including specialized Residential, Day Program and Respite services, Professional Nursing Consulting services and Training Services.

Community Living Services

Our Community Living Services provide specialized Residential, Day Program and Respite services for individuals with developmental disabilities and complex physical and/or mental health issues.

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Nursing Consulting Services

Our Nursing Consulting Services provide specialized services supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and complex physical and/or mental health issues, and individuals with physical disabilities and complex physical health issues.

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Professional Training Services

Vinge provides organizations with a variety of training and staff education related to health and community living services. Training courses can be offered in person or virtually.

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Let us know about your experience

June 17, 2016 was one of the best days of our son’s and our lives, when he moved into a house run by Vinge & Associates. Vinge staff sees our son as an individual and all of his specific needs are addressed and met. Vinge brings harmony, respect, and satisfaction to his life. The individualized care Vinge provides shows in our son’s more peaceful, relaxed and healthy appearance, and his happier demeanor. Vinge has a servant-hood attitude in the care they give him, and it shows in every aspect of his life now.

Oscar & DeloresParents

Twenty years ago we wanted to move our daughter closer to home and out of a family model home which was not working for us at all. We turned to Vinge and when their Director at the time said that their philosophy was “if you gave a person a life, the behaviours diminished”. They were true to their philosophy and things steadily improved. When our son was in high school we again needed a group home and again Vinge came to our rescue. The changes in our adult kids has been incredible and their quality of life has dramatically improved. We cannot praise Vinge enough for the care they have given our loved ones over the years and are so grateful to the fun-loving staff who keep the “kids” active and engaged and living a healthy, safe lifestyle.

Lorraine & MichaelParents

My daughter (now 38) has been cared for by Vinge for almost 20 years and here is how she feels about that: ‘I would like to say that life is good and that I feel very well taken care of by great staff who “get” me and know who I am.’ I also very much appreciate the excellent connection I have with Vinge staff, know that I will always be heard if there is an issue and am always welcome at my daughter’s home. It means so much to know that she is safe and happy and has a good life. As a parent, that is much to be grateful for.