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Vinge recognizes that each individual is different and has the opportunity to excel in a variety of ways. An individual-centred approach allows staff and individuals to work together to achieve individual specific daily, monthly and annual goals.

Vinge will:

  1. Allow and provide choices to individuals
  2. Accept and consider risk when making choices
  3. Cater to individual specific dietary needs
  4. Develop specific day programs in reference to likes and dislikes
  5. Understand abilities and working with consultants to support and progress
  6. Communicate and report daily with individuals, individuals families, consultants, co-workers and management in order to monitor progress
  7. Set up and measure specific goals

An individual centred philosophy will continue to put the individual first and make sure that their needs are being met. The individual, along with their support team are encouraged to share ideas and recommendations at any time to the program coordinator or the Director of Community Living. Vinge will seek to provide accommodations in regards to any barriers that may be present, including but not limited to; accessibility, financial and communication barriers. All plans and goals are customized to the individual).

Individual Plans for Individualized Care

Detailed, documented plans play a fundamental part in the daily lives of the individuals Vinge supports.  All plans are person-centred and tailored to each individual.  All individuals are encouraged to participate in the discussion and documenting of their different plan.

Plan Purpose
Care Plans Address the individual’s everyday life and routines, and specific care needs.
Health Care Plans Address the individual’s medical or mental health specific care needs.
Behaviour Support Plan and Functional Assessment Address understanding why the individual engages in behaviours.
Safety Plans Address specific levels of behaviour and actions to take.
Quality of Life Plan Address the individual’s specific goals and objectives.

Promoting Quality of Life – Sample Vinge Activities:

  • Multicultural day where everyone gets to experience food from different cultures (one of many yearly themed BBQs)
  • Company-wide camping adventures in Squamish and Manning Park.
  • Horseback riding
  • Splashdown Park (the tube ride is always a favourite)
  • Snowboarding and snow tubing
  • Rocky Mountaineer Train day trip to Whistler
  • Fishing Forever (opportunity to relax, have lunch, fish for several hours, and get awarded a trophy for fisherman skills)
  • Sailing (opportunity to adventure out onto the water with trained sailing staff during the summer)